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credit360 maintains strategic alliances and partnerships to optimise joint expertise in delivering sustainability solutions.

Accenture Accenture - High performance. Delivered.

Accenture Sustainability Services helps organizations achieve substantial improvement in performance and value for their stakeholders. We help clients leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth while striving for a positive economic, environmental and social impact. We work with clients across industries and geographies to integrate sustainability approaches into their business strategies, operating models and critical processes. Our holistic approach encompasses strategy, design and execution to increase revenue, reduce cost, manage risk and enhance brand, reputation and intangible assets.

Paul Gurney, Senior Manager, Sustainability Services, paul.gurney@accenture.com
Quentin Drewell, Sustainability Services UK/Europe, quentin.drewell@accenture.com
Annabell Chartres, Sustainability Services China, annabell.chartres@accenture.com
Hao Xu, Sustainability Services China, hao.xu@accenture.com

Bureau Veritas Bureau Veritas - Providing one-stop service and innovative solutions in QHSE management, whatever the asset, product or business sector

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. As a trusted partner, Bureau Veritas offers innovative solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable development. Bureau Veritas core values include integrity and ethics, impartial counsel and validation, customer focus and safety at work.

"Bureau Veritas has provided assurance and verification services to a number of clients who use the credit360 system for environmental and social data collection and interrogation. We have found credit360 to be a robust system for collecting data across client's small-scale or global operations. It has a transparent and auditable framework, making the external verification of carbon, energy, water and waste data (as well as other environmental and social indicators) considerably easier than many bespoke corporate systems we have worked with."

Tracy Oates, Technical Director, tracy.oates@uk.bureauveritas.com
Murray Sayce, Technical Director, murray.sayce@uk.bureauveritas.com
Flavio Gomes, Business Unit Manager, flavio.gomes@uk.bureauveritas.com

Carbon Clear Carbon Clear - A Clear Change

Carbon Clear is a world leading provider of carbon management and offsetting services. We'll help you put carbon reduction at the heart of your business to compete and prosper in a low-carbon world. Your carbon performance affects a lot more than climate change. It defines your cost base, your profitability, your risk profile, your brand.

"Carbon Clear have worked with credit360 for several years on behalf of clients wanting a comprehensive solution for managing complex sustainability data. Through system selection, customisation and end use we've found credit360 to be an efficient and accessible solution for our clients."

Stuart Lemmon, Head of Advisory, enquiries@carbon-clear.com

CDP CDP - Driving Sustainable Economies

CDP is an independent not-for-profit organization working to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sustainable water use by business and cities. We provide a transformative global system for thousands of companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information. When provided with the necessary information, market forces can be a major cause of change. Working with the world's largest investors, businesses and governments, CDP is uniquely positioned to catalyze action towards a more sustainable economy.

"credit360 has been instrumental in the development of content designed to assist disclosing companies in efficiently managing carbon data. We are delighted to be working with credit360 as a gold carbon calculation partner and an industry leading solution provider which meets our standard for calculating and reporting carbon."

Daniel Sokell, Technical Director, Dan.Sokell@cdproject.net
Jennie Gleed, Corporate Partnerships Officer, Jennie.Gleed@cdproject.net

CBI Cambridge Business Initiatives - Delivering key product through innovation

Cambridge Business Initiatives is a Madrid based company which helps clients to improve and maximise their sustainability commitments by using key innovative solutions. CBI has grown a wide set of skills by helping key companies in Spain to enhance their internal processes of gathering and communicating performance data.

"credit360 has become the market leaders in sustainability software through years of understanding the client's needs. It is a platform that has grown from experience and that consider the usability of its tools one of the core characteristics of its developments. It is comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use."

Sergio Brihuega, CEO, sergio@cbiconsulting.es

Carbon Smart Carbon Smart - clear practical action

Carbon Smart offer a full spectrum of sustainability services, working to catalyse environmental action within organisations. Carbon Smart have the tools, knowledge and experience to deliver projects ranging from carbon footprint and supply chain management through to staff engagement, ISO management systems and waste strategy implementation. We believe the benefits of becoming a sustainable organisation are clear; win business, reduce costs, engage your staff and manage risk.

"As a leader in the sustainability software space, credit360 provide a flexible, navigable and powerful data management solution for their clients. We have been endlessly impressed with the 'out of the box' usability of the credit360 system, and the level of customisation that can be employed when required. The credit360 implementation team and consultants provide excellent support to each of their clients, tailoring their system to fit the needs of each and every clients."

Julie Emmings, Senior Consultant, julie.emmings@carbonsmart.co.uk

Carbon Trust Carbon Trust - Accelerating the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy

The Carbon Trust is a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy through carbon reduction, energy-saving strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

"The Carbon Trust chose credit360 through a competitive process in 2011 as our sole software partner for Value Chain Management (Scope 3) solutions. We were impressed with the capabilities of the credit360 software suite as well as the company and people. Their list of multinational clients across the world speaks for itself and we found their approach to Software-as-a-Service that is hosted centrally but delivered in a very localised, skilled and personable way, very compelling."

Hugh Jones, Director, Carbon Trust Software, hugh.jones@carbontrust.com
Laura Timlin, Associate Director, Carbon Trust Advisory Services, laura.timlin@carbontrust.com

Carnstone Carnstone

Carnstone is an independent management consultancy, specialising in Corporate Responsibility (CR) and Sustainability. We advise clients on the full range of social, environmental and ethical topics - from supplier management to community investment, from environmental modelling to corporate governance. One of our key roles is to help clients spot the issues most relevant to them and to ensure they stay on top of new ones.

"The credit360 data management tool allows our clients to record and manage all aspects of their CR data in a reliable and efficient manner. Both they and we value the ability to quickly interrogate data to reveal key trends and patterns, which in turn, enables greater clarity when making management decisions and establishing realistic performance targets."

Glynn Roberts, Senior Partner, glynn.roberts@carnstone.com
Julie Pike, Partner, julie.pike@carnstone.com


CSRHub creates simple, direct comparisons of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability performance among competitors and across supply chains, industries, and regions. It reinforces third-party standards and encourages transparency and responsible behavior. CSRHub is the first to aggregate environmental, employee, community and governance data - 21 million elements from 200 sources covering nearly 7,000 companies across 135 industries and 82 countries - into an open, integrated, accessible database platform.

"credit360's tools improve the quality and timeliness of its users' corporate social responsibility (CSR) data. This makes it easier for them to respond to the demands for data placed on them by those who rate corporate sustainability - including the hundreds of sources who feed data to CSRHub. By working together, credit360 and CSRHub can reinforce the feedback loop between company reporting, performance rating, and performance improvement."

Bahar Gidwani, Co-Founder and CEO, partners@csrhub.com
Cynthia Figge, Co-Founder and COO, partners@csrhub.com

E2 ManageTech E2 ManageTech, Inc. - Collaborate. Innovate. Deliver.

E2 ManageTech, Inc. (E2) is the market leader in providing consulting services aimed at assisting customers in the strategy, design and implementation of Environmental Health & Safety Management Information Systems (EMIS) to improve operational performance and better manage compliance obligations. Staffed with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Information Technology (IT) professionals, E2 helps clients "bridge the gap" between EHS and IT. Services include: Strategic Planning, Detailed Design, Architecture Definition and all aspects of Implementation and Roll-out.

Glenn Mayer, gmayer@e2managetech.com

EDP EDP - The Right Approach

EDP provides integrated Sustainability, Safety, Health and Corporate Responsibility services to clients in a broad range of sectors, developing strategic approaches as well as implementing and managing systems. EDP's purpose is to Build a Better World, creating shared value and encouraging a culture of care in their work with clients, employees, suppliers and the wider community.

"credit360 both enables and supports a strategic approach to the management of Sustainability, Health & Safety and Corporate Responsibility in organisations. Data collection, analysis, reporting and targeting, together with the challenges of managing these processes today's disbursed businesses are all simplified and aligned through one system. Clients achieve direct and immediate value in vastly improved management insight and reduced reporting cycles."

Quintin Lake, Head of Consultancy, Corporate Responsibility, quintin.lake@edp-uk.com
Andrew Nicholson, Head of Consultancy, Health & Safety, andrew.nicholson@edp-uk.com

Enhesa Enhesa - Global EHS Regularly Compaliance Assurance

Enhesa is a global environmental, health and safety consultancy, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to business worldwide. We provide a range of EHS services, ranging from Regulatory Monitoring to Audit Protocols in over 150 countries and jurisdictions.

"Enhesa has identified credit360 as one of the leading global providers of sustainability software. The platform allows for the content of our environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance services to complement the powerful credit360 package, giving clients even more piece of mind that they are meeting their EHS obligations around the world."

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Senior Project Manager, thb@enhesa.com
Jack Welsch, Program Manager, jack.welsch@enhesa.com

Intertek Intertek - Valued Quality. Delivered.

Intertek is a leading international provider of quality and safety services to a wide range of global and local industries. For more than 126 years, companies around the world have depended on Intertek to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems.

"The credit360 and Intertek partnership ensures you get the benefits of a world class sustainability data management system and local, on the ground support from an experienced team of sustainability specialists. Together we provide local support and sustainability expertise to clients."

Laurent Lebarq, Sales & Marketing Director (Europe), laurent.lebarq@intertek.com
Ryan Foo, Business Development Manager (Asia), ryan.foo@intertek.com

ISOS ISOS - jump-start and improve sustainability performance through reporting!

ISOS Group is an innovative sustainability reporting, external assurance, greenhouse gas reporting and verification consultancy, serving the needs of organizations across all industries. ISOS Group Is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training Partner and a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Silver Consultancy Partner in the U.S. Our team of GRI Certified practitioners has unmatched experience in helping organizations of all sizes develop and publish sustainability or corporate social responsibility reports.

"By working with credit360, we are able to collaboratively work towards strengthening sustainability management and reporting efforts in the U.S."

Alexandru Georgescu, CFO & Brand Strategist, AGeorgescu@isosgroup.com

ISOS M4C - Sustainability communications specialists working with credit360 to drive behaviour change

M4C are sustainability specialists with a strong focus on communications and engagement. We have many years' experience of specifying and implementing systems, including sustainability systems. We are also experts in behaviour change working with businesses helping them to drive change within their organisations to achieve their sustainability objectives and delivering CPD accredited workshops on achieving sustainability through behaviour change.

M4C use our systems expertise, behaviour change experience, and our extensive knowledge of sustainability to help companies drive more sustainable behaviour. We have teamed up with credit360 to provide system capabilities required to track, manage, and report on the information required to enable behaviour change.

The credit360 system provides one of the best resources for collecting and reporting sustainability data, be it qualitative or quantitative, for businesses of all sizes. This data has the capacity to drive behaviour change thus improving the sustainability of the business and so saving them money and enhancing their reputation.

Ann Durrant, Managing Director, ann@m4c-sustainability.co.uk

Alastair Pattrick, Project Manager, alastair@m4c-sustainability.co.uk

Providor Providor Group - helping you get smarter...

Providor Group delivers an integrated technology with a total hard install and data service ensuring a clear and easy to use Smart system is installed. We have many years' experience in metering and energy project management, and our core business is the installation of Smart Energy Meters. Providor Group has designed and installed on high profile sites with fantastic results, delivering Installation, Design, Maintenance, Smart Energy and Project Management.

"We have worked closely with credit360 to develop a sound relationship to deliver total solutions. credit360 is an innovative and intelligent company that can operate globally with ease and remain consistent in their approach and delivery."

Wayne Johnston, Operations Director, wayne.johnston@providor.co.uk

Rainforest Alliance The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour. In collaboration with credit360, a leader in sustainability software, the Rainforest Alliance created SmartSource360, an innovative, web-based data-management system that simplifies the tracking of wood products - from forest floor to a company's front door.

"By working with CR360 we are able to provide our clients with a cutting edge tool to track risks and opportunities in a Company's wood or fiber based supply chains and reduce deforestation and associated environmental and social impacts globally."

Mark Comolli, Director of Markets, Sustainable Forestry Division, MComolli@ra.org

Trinity Consultants T3/Trinity Consultants

T3, a division of Trinity Consultants, is dedicated to providing sustainable, technology-based Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) solutions that facilitate environmental compliance, streamline recordkeeping and reporting, and support profitable business growth. T3 is an industry leader with a rare mix of EHS professionals and IT experts. This powerful combination gives T3 unmatched capability in applying technology to solve industry's EH&S information management challenges.

Don Smith, Senior Business Development Manager, dcsmith@trinityconsultants.com

Just Managing Just Managing Consulting Corporate Governance - Business Ethics - Corporate Responsibility

Just Managing Consulting is a boutique consultancy that specialises in corporate governance, business ethics and corporate responsibility. The company partnered with credit360 to develop an online ethics tool (e-valuation(tm)), in addition to offering ethical compliance and traditional consulting services.

"The credit360 data management tool is ideally suited to deliver specialised ethics content to clients who need innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. credit360 provides a unique combination of cutting-edge software and subject matter expertise, which translates into superior value for clients"

Daniel Malan, Director, daniel@justmanaging.co.za

SustainIt SustainIt - Bringing sustainability to life

SustainIt offer sustainability data and consultancy, software advice and support. Our approach is one of collaboration and common sense - understanding your business and your sustainability plans, then working together to find the right solution to measure and track your performance.

SustainIt helps organisations to be more sustainable - providing advice and support on CSR and sustainability issues, as well as training and expertise on how to collect control and communicate your non-financial data.

"The credit360 software offers an excellent platform for the collection, management and reporting of sustainability data and SustainIt's focus on sustainability data management, support and engagement provides a complimentary service which allows credit360 users to make the most of their systems. credit360 and SustainIt share a genuine passion for customer service and sustainability engagement, and the work they have completed together is a testament to that."

Joe Jones - Business Development Manager , j.jones@sustainitsolutions.co.uk

Sustainserv sustainserv - Sustainability consulting the Swiss way: competent, pragmatic, and effective

sustainserv is a management consulting firm specialized in helping companies develop corporate sustainability strategies, programs and communications. Our business is based upon long term, sustainable partnerships with our clients. With over 100 GRI reports sustainserv is a leader in sustainability reporting and has been Switzerland's first certified GRI Training Partner. In addition, we offer full-spectrum services to plan, implement, and execute carbon & energy management objectives. sustainserv has offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Boston, Massachusetts.

"sustainserv has many years of hands on experience in sustainability data management and performance measurement. Due to the breadth of topics, the complexity of the matter, and the individual needs of organizations, software like credit360 is key to manage sustainability performance. credit360 covers all relevant sustainability topics, can easily handle sophisticated calculations such as for carbon footprinting, and is fully configurable. Large, international organizations with complex hierarchies and structures will benefit in particular from a system like credit360."

Adrian Siegrist, Senior Consultant, adrian.siegrist@sustainserv.com
Levent Kosumdok, Director, levent.kosumdok@sustainserv.com

Trucost Trucost - taking the environment into account

Trucost has been helping companies, investors, governments, academics and thought leaders to understand the economic consequences of natural capital dependency for over 12 years. Our world leading data and insight enables our clients to identify natural capital dependency across companies, products, supply chains and investments; manage risk from volatile commodity prices and increasing environmental costs; and ultimately build more sustainable business models and brands.

"Environmental issues will both create winners and losers and change business models. Companies that are more environmentally efficient than their sector peers stand to achieve competitive advantage from reduced environmental costs, security of supply and positive customer perception. Our benchmarking services enable companies to understand how their performance compares to their peers and identify opportunities to improve that performance. We are delighted to be partnering with credit360 to deliver these services via their leading sustainability platform."