Across the Spectrum: Energy & Carbon

For today's organisation, energy & carbon management is not just about knowing where you are now, but forecasting and planning for the future. You need solutions for accurate data collection across multiple facilities and solutions to run a variety of future scenarios. By increasing the information available regarding your carbon footprint which may include yearly/quarterly/monthly/daily data, you can take steps to manage it, cutting both emissions and budgets.

Our Solution

Our Energy and Carbon solution helps you gather data from across your business, calculate your emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 using established protocols and GHG conversion factors and create performance reports and dashboards. Our forecasting and planning tools help manage energy reduction initiatives and visualise the impact of different scenarios on your long-term performance.

Leading companies, including Barclays and Swiss Re, use our system to manage and report their energy and carbon in line with GHG Protocol, CRC, EES, CDP, GRI, ISO14064, NGERS and Climate Registry. We are Carbon Disclosure Project accredited to a gold standard, which means we've undergone independent testing and review – you can have confidence in our ability to support your energy and carbon performance management.

Read how Danske Bank use our system to track their carbon reductions.

Key features and benefits
  • Flexible tools that help you work out your major impact areas and track your impacts across energy and travel
  • Flexible estimations methodologies for when you can't get all your data
  • Real time meter reading and management for when you can
  • Import files or feeds from existing enterprise reporting platforms
  • In-built carbon factor management across global carbon factor sets
  • Planning and reporting on reduction initiatives
Energy & Carbon is just one aspect of the credit360 system. Our clients can incrementally build a single system to manage all of their sustainability challenges in a single integrated platform. From Energy and Carbon to Supply Chain, you can mix and match any of our solutions to tailor our system to your needs.
For more on how credit360 customers are using their systems to meet sustainability challenges view our latest case studies.