Across the Spectrum: Corporate Social Responsibility

Bringing together complex data in a robust system, meeting both internal and external reporting needs or engaging your various stakeholders: corporate social responsibility can be a powerful tool for your organisation, but it can also be a headache for the people responsible for managing it.

Our Solution

Our Corporate Social Responsibility solution makes it easy to collect reliable data across your whole organisation, whether you collect data centrally or delegate it worldwide. Use flexible reporting tools to create, save and export your reports and dashboards to support your printed or online reporting.

We help companies such as Yara, Westpac and Aviva collect data for their annual CSR/Sustainability reports and meet a range of external requirements including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 and UN Global Compact.

Our clients are using our reporting tools to enhance their online reporting, and win awards in the process. Telefonica's CR Atlas uses our mapping tool to publish CSR performance data. Man Group publish performance updates 'straight to web' from their credit360 system, read the case study here.

Key features and benefits
  • Intuitive and user friendly system to simplify data collection
  • Quality checks on data to ensure you are getting reliable information
  • A full audit trail to support external assurance for your CSR reporting
  • Flexible reporting tools, like customisable charts and tables, allow you to view your data the way you want to, and even export reports to your website
Corporate Social Responsibility is just one aspect of the credit360 system. Our clients can incrementally build a single system to manage all of their sustainability challenges in a single integrated platform. From CSR to Environment Health and Safety, you can mix and match any of our solutions to tailor our system to your needs.
For more on how credit360 customers are using their systems to meet sustainability challenges view our latest case studies.